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Cotton vs. Polyester City Style

Often times, we run into customers requesting a lightweight, breathable piece and then assume that a 100% cotton option is the best choice. However, that is not the case. If you are wanting something that is lightweight and breathable, your best bet is to go with 100% polyester piece. Now, when people hear polyester, some tend to cringe because of how it was interpreted in the past. People used to portray it as being cheap and holding in stench. A way around this is to describe it as a Dri-Fit type of material and then it becomes associated with a Nike or Under Armour piece which has a proven track record of withstanding many wears and protecting against odor.  

100% cotton garments are not very breathable and when you sweat, they will begin to start clinging to you. Cotton garments also will fade and shrink as you wash and wear the piece. These types of garments are really starting to fade out of the industry unless someone is working in a specific field (ie. Electrical) that requires it. The younger generation entering the workforce is why we think this is happening.


Polyester garments are picking up where cotton left off. There is a much wider color selection when you start looking at polyester garments. The color palette is another reason we think the younger crowd is drawn to the dri-fit type of apparel because everyone wants to stand out and having something different than the person beside them. The best thing about polyester is it WILL NOT fade or shrink because of the inert capabilities of the fabric.










With that being said, City Apparel is a licensed vendor for Under Armour. The Under Armour products we have to offer are great for golf outings, office apparel, employee and customer gifts, and more. Please contact us for any of your needs!!

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