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We are Adulting in Corporate Identity Programs

Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grownups. What started as an afterthought to service our uniform rental customers, City Apparel grew up and took Adulting to a new level.  In the big picture, we still like to think of ourselves as the new kids on the block.  Not because we’re just giving a “go of it” in our industry, but because we look at our business and our customers differently than most others do.  As a recap, here is how we go about Adulting in the world of corporate identity programs.

We’ve been sassy since the start

City Apparel is a Women Owned (WOSB and WBENC) national provider of Branded Merchandise, Uniforms, Promotional Products, Corporate Apparel, Incentives, Fulfillment programs and eCommerce solutions. City Apparel started in 2000; and was certified as a women owned business in 2005. Today, City Apparel services customers across the US, Canada and Mexico ranging from your local small business to Fortune 500’s.

We are passionate about delivering our customers the best in products and services while providing customer service beyond expectations. Our advantage in the marketplace is our unique ability to listen and create a program around our customers’ specific needs. We don’t try to shove a square peg in a circle hole but redraw the parameters altogether.  This requires our team members to be business analysts; understanding logistics, manufacturing, processes, procedures and all with a flare of creativity.  In the end, our entire company is devoted to the success of our customers’ identity program from concept to delivery.

So how do we do it?

Stock, customized or completely custom designed uniforms

As a distributor, our product line is very extensive because the world is our oyster.  Our goal is not to put our customers into products that are sitting on our shelves (or anyone else’s’ for that matter); but products that are the right fit for our customer’s specific needs. Some of our customers require totally custom apparel. Many times, we alter products that are considered “stock” by  adding trims, stripes, decoration and other options to help our customers achieve the 'look' they want while avoiding the additional time, cost and commitment of custom designed & manufactured apparel program.

Logo embroidery & customizing services

We offer an extensive variety of options for customizing your garments including logo embroidery, laser, debossing, custom trims, stripes, and much more to create a unique look. This is a big deal.  Aren’t you tired of seeing the same old decoration (embroidery) in the same old location (left chest) and get the same old results?  We call that the definition of insanity.  We keep it real, by bringing hip, affordable and creative solutions to our customers’ identity programs.

Management reporting

(Warning, this may be a bit boring, so hang on)

We offer customizable reporting that provides order and cost detail at virtually any level. Need reports showing order history sorted by employee, SKU, or by facility?  We love reports!  We retain all order information in our system and can meet virtually any reporting request.


(Warning, this may be a bit boring too but we’re almost done)

For many larger accounts with multiple locations, difficulties surrounding purchasing and distributing products to employees can be time consuming, costly and just downright a pain in the butt. But wait! This type of program is our sweet spot.  We can sort, bag and label orders by employee and drop ship to multiple locations or individuals to help make distribution a snap. We ship from several warehouses located throughout the U.S.A. to help get our customers’ products to them on time and packaged/ identified for easy distribution to the right end user, whether that be an employee or customer.

More Info

In previous blogs we have talked about even more fun facts such as our experience in both promotional products and managed employee uniform programs.  Check them out to understand how we are Delivering Image™ in all ways, always.

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